BEYOND GREAT: Nine Strategies for Thriving in an Era of Social Tension, Economic Nationalism, and Technological Revolution By Bhattacharya, Lang, and Hemerling

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: PublicAffairs (October 6, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1541757181


The nine core strategies that will help companies keep customers, attract quality talent, generate revenue, and improve the communities around them, all in the face of new disruptive forces.
Beyond Great will give readers everywhere the strategies they need to navigate a daunting new era of technological, economic, and social change. Supported by years of research and hands-on consulting practice, it will present a comprehensive framework for building a high performing, adaptive, and socially responsible global company.
The book begins by taking an incisive look at the disruptive forces transforming globalization, including economic nationalism; the boom in data flows and digital commerce; the rise of China; heightened public concerns about capitalism and the environment; and the emergence of borderless communities of digitally connected consumers. The authors then offer nine core strategies that will help businesses today address and exploit these forces.
Through compelling stories from real companies that have used these strategies to make change, Beyond Great argues that leaders today must evince a new kind of flexibility and light-footedness, constantly layering in new strategies and operational norms atop existing ones to allow for “always-on” transformation. Leaders must master a whole new set of rules about what it takes to be “global,” becoming shapeshifters adept at handling contradiction, multiplicity, and nuance. This book will show them how.
“Connecting the physical and digital world to drive economic growth while consuming fewer resources and managing increasingly complex geopolitics is the paramount challenge and opportunity of our time. Beyond Great provides great examples and insights into how organizations have to change and adapt in this ever faster, ever evolving world.”
Dr.Roland Busch
CEO Elect, Siemens AGBeyond Great arrives just in time. The wise Boston Consulting Group authors correctly anticipated the new best practices required for a global pandemic, accelerating technological change, rising nationalism, and social upheaval. To successfully navigate the 2020s, every business leader, board member and investor needs to read Beyond Great.”
Rich Karlgaard
Editor-at-Large, Futurist, Columnist

“This book offers a timely and urgently needed strategic playbook that tackles some of the most vexing issues of our current times. It is replete with practical examples and a must read for any business person seeking to navigate an uncertain world.”
Anand Mahinda
Vice Chairman, Mahindra Group

Beyond Great is an excellent book for leaders who want to build thriving businesses in today’s volatile and uncertain world. It forces us to examine the basic beliefs that have guided global firms in the last century and offers practical, actionable strategies to address the many challenges and opportunities that this new era offers. I commend the authors for writing a serious business book on strategy in this highly readable and jargon free manner.”
Jan Jenisch

Dr. Arindam Bhattacharya is Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group’s New Delhi office. He has been the head of BCG India, is the co-founder and Fellow of Henderson Institute, BCG’s thought leadership arm, and is a member of leadership team of Global Advantage practice. He has been researching, writing consulting on the subject of globalization and global business models, and has given a TED talk on the topic. He has co-authored the book Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything, named by The Economist to its Best of the Year list.
Dr. Nikolaus Lang is Senior Partner at Boston Conulting Group’s Munich office and Global Leader of BCG’s Global Advantage practice, supporting clients on an array of globalization-related topics, ranging from geopolitics & trade to joint ventures & digital ecosystems. Dr. Lang is BCG’s foremost expert on mobility, connectivity, and self-driving vehicles. For the past years, he has led BCG’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum on the future of mobility, helping oversee the piloting and launch of autonomous vehicles in the City of Boston.
Jim Hemerling is Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group’s San Francisco office and a leader in the firm’s People & Organization and Transformation Practices. He has been the leader of BCG Greater China and is a Fellow of BCG Henderson Institute. His work with clients and his research focuses on holistic human-centric approaches to organizational transformation. He speaks often on the topic, and has given a widely viewed TED talk entitled, “5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change.”


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